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Taiwan florist, Taiwan flower shop
Taiwan florist, Taiwan flower shop
Make it Their best Valentine's Day Ever
send flowers to Taiwan: doll bouquet: toy bouquet: cartoon bouquet
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Sending flowers to Taiwan / China ●Gloden Rose : Treasure Love● Fashionable and special design for lovers
Flowers to South Korea
【K15】 Romantic-
KRW 158,964
USD 115.00
Flowers to Japan
【J71】 Preserved Flower - One Heart
JPY 5,940
USD 37.74
Flowers to China
【B114】 Touching You-77 mixed roses bouquet
CNY 780.00
USD 107.51
Flowers to Macao
【F60】 A bouquet of Red Roses
HKD 613.62
USD 78.56
Flowers to South Korea
【K20】 Rose Heart- Red roses heart-shaped gift
KRW 174,170
USD 126.00
Flowers to Hong Kong
【C113】 Praise of Love-Bouquet of 18 pink roses
HKD 764.33
USD 97.86
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*60012066: My friend is very happy :)
*60012050: Deeply appricated!
*60011075: U guy did a really good job.
*60012175: Thank you for your sweet service.
My gf told me the flowers were very beautiful.
*60016507  Thanks, My girl friend received the flower this afternoon, thanks to great FlowerDJ-Globalreally appreciated
*60011363: It was a wonderful surprise for my mother.
The flowers, vase and teddy are beautiful!
*60016877: Thanks a lot! The flowers are beautiful and have been well received.
*60016507: Thanks, My girl friend received the flower this afternoon, thanks to great FlowerDJ-Global,really appreciated
*60016524: Dear FlowerDJ,Extremely appreciate your assist and cooperation! The surprisingly action was perfectly well-done.My friend was very happy about it! Deeply appreciate your help Anthony from HK ^_^
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