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About us
The internet has brought more conveniences and surprises to our life than ever before. However, it has also caused distance between communications. Flower DJ successfully utilizes internet commerce techniques and built a beautiful website for people to be able to conveniently express their feelings in this virtual world, maintain or develop relationships. That is why Flower DJ came to become one of the members of the DJ Internet Family. Flower DJ is the house of floral art where flowers are sent directly to your home. FlowerDJ.com is an internet floral shop where anyone can appreciate flowers, learn floral art, or send flowers to friends afar anytime, anywhere. We provide products with excellent quality at a reasonable price, a secure and convenient ordering system, and all kinds of considerate and complete customer services. In the meantime, we have various promotions during different occasions in order to attract customers to consume online. In addition, we often combine sophisticated internet techniques and creative products with famous brands to hold a variety of marketing activities.

About the Company
FlowerDJ.com is Taiwan’s first to perfectly combine a virtual florist with a floral entity. Founded in January, 2000 by MoneyDj.com and prominent people in the field of floral art, Flower DJ holds a capital of 245 million dollars. Mr. Allan has had more than 12 years of experience in integrating information technology (IT), and is currently the general manager of the company. Through a secure and complete e-commerce ordering system, Flower DJ provides floral delivery services across the nation for 24 hours online and 60 floral alliances with remarkable flower designers are led by the champion of floral art, offering our customers all sorts of creative and high quality floral gifts. Products include fresh bouquets, green plants, potted Orchids, floral basket stands, opening ceremony gift baskets, arrangements and decoration of activities, potted flowers and fruits, floral gifts for special occasions, table flowers and boutonnieres for conferences, floral gifts for weddings and monthly flower arrangements for companies. We can also design exclusively according to your request.

With exquisite super value products and efficient and professional services, FlowerDJ has become a role model of internet floral shops and holds a safe lead among Taiwan’s internet floral services. The development of e-commerce brings the growth of sales, as we broaden our product line to all sorts of fine works including customized gifts, cakes, healthy beauty treatments, fashionable accessories, dolls, and souvenirs for good luck or collection. Flower DJ will continue to develop more exquisite and creative products to satisfy our customers’ needs and bring them happier and more super valuable feelings.

Flower DJ is also positioned as the【Navigator of E-commerce】, extending the successful foundation of its E-commerce to the advantages of using information technology and e-marketing. Flower DJ carries out projects on web-based information systems, the mapping and building of e-commerce, management of websites and integration of marketing. At the same time, through the involvement of a specific field of profession, FlowerDJ constructs a solid infrastructure of e-commerce with an innovative business model, while continuing to gain valuable experiences and creating a win-win situation for the company and our project customers. Flower DJ can provide our project customers with immeasurable tools and tips on managing websites, and successfully open your doors to e-commerce. Welcome to contact us if you would like further information on our e-commerce services.

Mission Statement
To enrich life aesthetics with floral art and construct the bridge of relationships in this E-Century
To bring happier and more super valuable feelings to our customers with exquisite and creative products and services.

Business Concept
Profession We display an E-commerce internet of professional quality to gain customers’ trust;
  We work in a professional attitude to create professional qualities of products and services.
Trust We serve customers with sincerity and never deceive our customers. In a virtual system, it is even more important to hold an honest and reliable attitude in order to build trust with our customers. We will never let our customers get into an unfavorable situation, will put all effort in solving problems, hold an honest attitude when facing mistakes and build a foundation of sustainable management.
  We build a corporate culture based on trust, with no hypocrisy or cheating, while working and growing together.
Innovation Innovative products bring a higher value to our customers and innovative services bring more consideration to them; innovative marketing lets more customers have the chance to meet Flower DJ.
  We encourage our employees to be innovative in their work; an innovative culture enhances efficiency; an innovative vision broadens the market.
Integration We integrate limited resources to reach the most beneficial result.
  We integrate the talents of our employees to create powerful teamwork.
  We integrate upstream and downstream industries to establish a strong partnership.
  We integrate the knowledge of different fields and industries to build a new market.
  We integrate information technology to develop innovative applications.


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