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Taiwan florist, Taiwan flower shop
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Taiwan florist, Taiwan flower shop
Item  beating melody
No.  U185
Info  Vase not included

■ Please note some areas in Scotland, Ireland and non main-land UK may need an extra working day in transit.
Adverse weather may also cause delays.

"Flower bouquets in Europe and the United States are mainly in simple packaging rather than exquisite packaging. Most bouquets do not contain flower utensils and cannot have exquisite design packaging. Please pay special attention when ordering. If you need to purchase extra flower utensils, please confirm with customer service."
Spec  Roses, tulips, narcissus lilies and seasonal flowers and leaves
Special Price  USD 60.96
Shipping Cost  USD 25.94
Amount  USD 86.90 (according to daily exchange rate)
 ( Exchange Rate of Previous Day: 1 = USD 0.0000)
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※Preorder 4 days※
※VAT is excluded.
※If the order needs extra fee for distant delivery, our staff will inform the customer in 3 days.
※Because the flowers will be arranged by the local flower designer, the flower's packing (wrapping paper/ribbon/flower basket/skill etc.) may be slightly different, but the design style will be similar to the picture and flower quantity & quality will meet the spec.
Order Process
1.Read Order Article 2.Make Order 3.Check Order Info 4.Order Result

※Non-members can order directly but it's suggested to [ Join Membership ] first.

We reserve the right to accept orders or not。
The product's price is fixed in destination's currency and the total amount will be calculated in destination's currency as well. For example, if sending flowers to China, we use Renminbi (RMB) to calculate the total amount. After placing order, the total amount will be converted to USD for Paypal and to NTD(Taiwan currency) for VISA/Master credit cards in your bill。
We'll deliver your order between 9 am to 6 pm on your requested date.
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