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Taiwan florist, Taiwan flower shop
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Online ordering process
Select Product: Select from our catalogue your preferred product.
Carefully Read our Ordering Reminder: Please understand the standard and size of our product, the additional accessories, and the details of our service.
Fill in the Order Form: Fill in A. Subscriber’s information B. Recipient’s information/Date of Delivery/Time of Delivery C. Personal message D. Payment information
Confirm your Order: After you have confirmed that the information filled in is correct, press the button 【Confirm the Order】and a message will appear displaying【Order Successful】. ※※Credit card payments are processed online at the time of purchase. If authorization fails, the webpage will display 【Order Unsuccessful: Authorization Rejected】.

Five Guarantees
We provide 24 hour services for ordering our products online and provide global delivery services.
Our alliances were carefully chosen and are the best around the globe, guaranteeing the most professional qualities.
We are the first to standardize the size of gift boxes and the consistency in the amount of the main flowers in our products.
We have the most extensive services, developing countries with the densest population of Chinese people to participate in our alliance, and creating a global village.
Our customer services provide the most professional, friendly, and efficient service to help our customers with any problems about our products.

Ordering Instructions
When the product you wish to order displays 【Preorder N days】For example: Order 5 days before; if today is 2/6, then the earliest delivery would be 2/11; if the placement of your order is past 11:00AM, the order will be delivered one more day after, which would be 2/12.
An order form includes one design of flowers (enclosed with your personal message) and one location you wish to send the flowers. Just select your preferred design on the website. Most orders include shipping and taxes in the price but it may add extra charge for some special area. If you wish to send different designs of flowers or different personal messages to the same destination, please order separately.
In order to ensure the preparation of the flowers, please place your order in advance. If faced with shortage due to flower yield or season, we reserve the right to change flowers.
You will receive a confirmation letter in your e-mail after placing an order. If not, please call us during office hours (Monday thru Friday, 9:00AM-6:00PM, GMT+8; Taiwan, Taipei) at (country code) 886-2-8667-2955 #119 or email to Global@Flowerdj.com at anytime.
Once the product is delivered, you will receive and e-mail. The notification will be sent during the night of the delivery or the next morning.
(Please note that the time of the notification sent does not equal to the time of the product received. Products will be delivered as ordered.) If you did not receive a notification, please contact us.
Please make sure to provide us the recipient’s cell phone number in case the recipient is not present at the moment. If such situation occurs, we will contact the recipient to schedule delivery.

Product Guarantee
All products on our website are produced and delivered by our global alliances.
In order to provide the best quality, we guarantee the completeness of our product standards (including quantity of the main flowers and color etc), and maintain the style of the designer. Because of the nature, seasonality, and regional availability of flowers, their color or size may vary. Therefore, we are unable to standardize these characteristics. In addition, with different cultures of each country, each designer’s technique and style will also vary. As a result, there may be some slight differences to the appearances of our products. However, we will strive to make them exactly as they appear on the pictures. We sincerely hope to provide you the freshest flowers and the best service.
Sometimes there may be a shortage of flowers or bad quality. If such situations occur, and you have placed an order in advance, we will do our best to contact you to understand which kinds of flowers you are willing to use for substitution. If we are unable to reach you, please agree to let our professional designers make the best arrangements with the freshest flowers for you.
We really appreciate your understanding that seasonality causes flowers to vary in size and color. In addition, if there may be a shortage on the flower pot, basket, vase or accessory as shown in the picture of the product, we will replace it with an appropriate container or accessory.
【Seasonal Prices】are readjusted during special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.
We will do our best to deliver according to the preferred time. However, we are not able to guarantee a specific time of delivery.
If the deliver location is to remote or rural areas, an additional shipping payment may be charged. If delivery is impossible, we will notify you of cancelling the order or changing to an address that is available.
We reserve the right to accept or decline your order.
As flowers are live fresh products, we are unable to compromise on your flower’s longevity. In order to safeguard your rights, please open the product immediately to check for any problems after receiving. If there should be any problem, please directly contact our customer service’s to preserve your right.

Special Conditions
When the following situations occur, the subscriber will be charged additional payment and refund is unaccepted.
When the recipient doesn’t live or work at the delivery location and we are unable to contact the recipient.
When the recipient’s information, address and telephone is incorrect or invalid that we are unable to deliver or contact the recipient.
When there is no one there to receive the product during the preferred delivery time or when the recipient refuses to receive the product.
When the product is delivered during the preferred time and location, yet the recipient is unavailable and is in care of an agent.
When the recipient is unavailable and is unable to find someone to receive the product. (We will still leave the recipient a message to keep in contact with us and deliver the flowers.)
When we are constantly unable to contact the recipient even through the information provided.
When an emergency happens and due to the invalidity of the information provided we are unable to contact and deliver to the recipient.
When any events due to force majeure and we are unable to deliver, we will notify the subscriber of postponing or cancelling the delivery.
An order includes shipping only once, if change of recipient’s address causing extra shipping payment, an additional price of USD$10~USD$30 will be charged.


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